I’ve been working with Maricel since my rookie year. She is very good and professional. After a hard week of practice and games she always gets my body back to 100%. She’s awesome, best I’ve been around.

Christian Kirksey

Linebacker, Cleveland Browns

Been working with her since I came to the Browns. Very knowledgeable and confident in her craft. The best part is she is willing to work with my busy time schedule. The only massage therapist I use in Cleveland.

Marlon Moore

Former Wide reciever, Cleveland Browns

Maricel always does an absolute wonderful job!! I really appreciate her taking care of my body.

EJ Bibbs

Tight end, Washington Redskins

She’s awesome, always on time, always getting me feeling well and ready for the upcoming game. She’s da bomb!

Larry Ogunjobi

Defensive Tackle, Cleveland Browns

I feel awesome after a massage with Maricel.

Tramon Williams

Former Cornerback, Cleveland Browns

It was excellent highly recommend Maricel.

Daryl Richardson

Former NFL Player

After the massage I felt great, in need for once a week.

Isaiah Crowell

Running Back, Cleveland Browns

Maricel is a miracle worker!  I feel a huge difference after getting massages with her. I feel looser, I am able to run faster, and I am more flexible. Her knowledge and experience helps me recover after games and practices.

Dom Alexander

Linebacker, Cleveland Browns

As a father and company owner I find the things I am willing to devote time to have to be worth it, MG Sports Massage is definitely one of those things. Having been diagnosed with lumbar degenerative disc disease early on, I have dealt with back pain most of my life. General chiropractic sessions have not helped, only a mix of flexibility training and mixed martial arts have help strengthen my core to a point were I received any relief.

The major problem I faced after changing my life to accommodate these requirements revolves around the stress the rest of my back shelters while making up for the lower lumber pain. This requires a deep tissue massage every 1 to 2 weeks, I have been through many local places and have not found any other massage therapist like Maricel. Her ability and knowledge make this it a solid 5 star experience, please try her for yourself.

Tom Cooper

As an Ironman triathlon competitor I am constantly putting my body through a lot of strain and being a massage therapist myself Maricel is the only other therapist I trust to work on me. She without question, knows how to get my body healed up and prepared for my continued racing and training. Highly recommended for those that want to truly take care of their bodies.

Chris Martino

Trithalon Coach

I’m in a wheel chair most of the time, which causes my right shoulder to tighten up on occasion. Maricel will give me a deep tissue massage which relieves the discomfort. It is amazing the relief it provides. I highly recommend her services.

Nancy B.


Before I went to Maricel I had gone to other massage therapist that never really made a huge impact on me. As a personal trainer I’m always trying to keep my body in the best shape, not just on the outside appearance but how I feel on the inside too. I was recommended to her by a friend and I was blown away by the professionalism and how knowledgeable she was about targeting the different areas that were affecting me. I tell every one of my clients about her because I truly feel that a regular deep tissue massage a few times a month can have a major impact on not only your performance in the gym but your everyday life. She’s affordable, kind, intelligent, and a truly genuine person to be around. I highly recommend her and I will continue to seek her services.

Miguel Gonzalez

Personal Trainer

I went to MG Sports Massage for a relaxation massage. While Maricel was manipulating my musculature, we engaged in small talk whereby I happened to mention that I had been going to a chiropractor for nearly two years with complaints of neck pain and stiffness, She asked a few probing questions and then asked my permission to try a different technique on me. I agreed . . . figuring what have I got to lose? As Maricel was working her magic, I learned how long and broad the trapezius muscle actually is, and what a trigger point was and how it affects our mobility and our muscle’s flexibility. By the time I walked out, I felt like a new man totally devoid of any neck complaints. Since meeting Maricel, it is no longer necessary for me to seek chiropractic solutions. I am a CrossFit Athlete as well as a CrossFit L-1 Trainer (CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that consists of functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity), and that lifestyle causes me to need massage therapy every 3-5 weeks. But when my neck starts acting up, I see Maricel and she has me back to normal within 15 minutes.


Police Officer

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