There are many different ways to treat tense, painful muscles and bodily injuries. And while deep tissue and sports massage therapy is helpful, sometimes you need to reach a little deeper into the muscles and ligaments for complete healing. That’s why MG Sports suggests a session with the TheraGun.


What is the TheraGun?

This therapeutic device looks more like something you might find in Dad’s cache of power tools, but it’s actually designed to loosen and relax muscles and tendons. Many athletes are already using the TheraGun at events like the X Games and the Super Bowl and even our own Cavaliers players are acknowledging the healing powers of this equipment.

Like a handheld electric screwdriver with a foam roller on the end, the TheraGun acts as a super-charged handheld massager utilizing percussion therapy. Its ability to quickly reach deep into the tissue helps to increase mobility, improve healing for painful muscles and tendons, and enhance muscle performance. And weighing in at less than three pounds, it’s light enough for your therapist to handle for a full session.


What does it do?

The TheraGun was created around the idea that our brain processes stimuli based on their frequencies. As it processes them, it does so in a specific sequence. The TheraGun disrupts that process and causes the brain to focus on the soothing vibrations rather than the pain.

The frequency of this tool is set to a level above pain, but it’s low enough that the brain will still process it. And while it looks intimidating, it never applies enough force to cause pain.


How does it work?

The TheraGun is applied to the muscles using light pressure. As it pulsates against the muscles, it

  • increases blood flow to the area,
  • breaks up surrounding scar tissue,
  • triggers and resets the nervous system, and
  • reduces lactic acid buildup.


Will I benefit from it?

One of the best parts of this device is that it’s not just for a clinical setting or for athletes. Anyone can benefit from it. If you have muscle aches and pains caused by anything from lifting weights to tension from a sedentary job, you can find relief in a session with the Theragun.

Of course, it’s not just for those suffering from discomfort. Both professional and recreational athletes, as well as anyone wanting to improve their mobility, can request a session with this device on a regular basis.


Therapists such as MG Sports Massage offer sessions using the TheraGun, so contact us today to book an appointment.