(Originally posted May 15, 2018 — Updated June 27, 2020.)

After hours at the gym each week, it’s obvious that your muscles are going to be quite sore. One way to find relief is through percussion therapy.

There are many different ways to treat tense, painful muscles and injuries. While deep tissue and sports massage therapy are helpful techniques, you may need to reach a little deeper in the muscles and ligaments for total healing. MG Sports Massage solves this problem through percussion therapy with the TheraGun. 


How Does Percussion Therapy Work?

This type of therapy speeds up and improves muscle repair through quick volleys of concentrated pressure that reaches deep into the tissue. The rapid series of pulses works to improve the blood flow to the area, resulting in faster pain relief and even improved range of motion.

Percussion therapy was created around the idea that our brain processes stimuli based on their frequencies. As it processes them, it does so in a specific sequence. Massage guns disrupt that process and cause the brain to focus on the soothing vibrations rather than the pain.

The frequency of the tool is set to a level above pain, but it’s low enough that the brain will still process it. While it looks intimidating, it never applies enough force to cause pain.

Massage guns like the TheraGun are applied to the muscles using light pressure. As it pulsates against the muscle, it:

  • Increases blood flow to the area
  • Breaks up surrounding scar tissue
  • Triggers and resets the nervous system
  • Reduces lactic acid buildup


What are the Benefits of Percussion Therapy?

One of the best parts of percussion therapy is that it’s not just for a clinical setting or just for athletes — anyone can benefit from it. Whether you have muscle aches and pains from intense workouts or from a sedentary job, you can find relief in a percussive therapy session that uses tools such as the TheraGun.

Of course, it’s not only for those suffering from continued discomfort. Anyone wanting to improve their mobility can request a session with percussive devices on a regular basis.

Some studies suggest that a major benefit of massage guns is their assistance in fighting delayed onset muscle soreness — DOMS. It’s also been shown to improve overall dexterity and performance.


What is the TheraGun?

This massage gun looks more like something you might in your father’s cache of power tools, but it’s designed to loosen and relax your tight muscles and tendons. Many athletes have started opting for TheraGun sessions at major events such as the X Games and the Super Bowl. Even our own Cavaliers players acknowledge the healing powers of this equipment.

Like a handheld electric screwdriver with a foam roller on the end, the TheraGun acts as a super-charged handheld massager. Its ability to quickly reach deep into the tissue helps to increase your mobility, improve healing for muscles and tendons, and enhance performance. And at less than three pounds, it’s light enough for your therapist to handle for a full session.


Find a Percussion Therapy Session Near You in Rocky River

Therapists such as MG Sports Massage offer sessions using the TheraGun. We’re trained in the science of therapy, making us the experts on how to best utilize percussion tools to bring you relief. Contact us today to book an appointment.