If you’re an athlete or someone serious about wellness, you probably look for new and different ways to enhance your performance. You want to do everything you can to perform at your best and maintain your health. 

One of these new concepts rising for both professional and amateur athletes alike is SportStretch. Read on to learn what it is, who it benefits, and how MG Sports Massage uses it in our sessions.


What is SportStretch?

SportStretch is a full-body routine that is movement-based and uses a floor mat. This makes it just as easy to perform on the sidelines as it is in a massage therapy room. It works by both actively and passively stretching your muscles.

SportStretch is a development that combines:

Depending on your wellness goal, SportStretch is something you can use as a warmup before an event or as part of your regular maintenance routine. As a warmup, it can help loosen the muscles so you’re ready to take to the field. And as maintenance, it can help your body to relax after a workout or invigorating activity.


Who Should Use SportStretch?

In short, anyone. It was initially intended to be applied to athletes of any level, but it didn’t stay that way. Any person who wants to advance their routine or increase their flexibility for better performance can also benefit.


MG Sports Massage and SportStretch

At Mg Sports Massage, we offer this technique in sessions starting at 30 minutes and lasting up to 90 minutes. Our aim is to help athletes and those concerned with wellness reach their goals through muscle preparation and maintenance. If you’d like to see what this technique looks like in action, check out the MG Sports Facebook page where we’ll be posting videos.

Contact MG Sports Massage to find out more about this technique and discuss a session for when we open again!